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Praise for David LaBounty:

"LaBounty has a knack for taking his readers inside the heads of his characters, where the concepts of Good and Evil fade unsettlingly to the background, replaced by Fear and Desire. That's not always a pleasant place to be, but it is always fascinating."
                                                       —Russell Lutz, Iota Cycle

"The Perfect Revolution shines brightest in its details—a picture of suburban totalitarianism so complete you can smell the rotting garbage on the front lawn of the American dream... LaBounty brings to speculative fiction a well-needed dose of humanism. After a decade of men in long black trench coats saying things like ‘whoa’ and shooting guns you only see in movies, it's nice to see characters with real flaws, real families, and real fears."
                                                        —Mark R. Brand, Red Ivy Afternoon

"LaBounty's writing has that rare touch of irony and reality within a speculative fiction world. His gift lies in his human touch as he writes about our foibles and idiosyncrasies."
                                                        —Becci Noblit Goodall, Chaise



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David LaBounty lives in suburban Detroit with his wife and two sons. His poetry and prose has appeared in several print and online journals. He has served in the Navy and has held jobs as a member of the blast team in a gold mine in northern Nevada, as a mechanic, a reporter and as a salesman. He is the author of The Perfect Revolution and The Trinity, published by Silverthought Press in 2006 and 2007.







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   fiction from the bleed


a novel by David LaBounty
author of The Perfect Revolution and The Trinity


“David LaBounty is the kind of writer I really love: he writes like a man who has had ten rounds of shit kicked out of him by life, but he keeps getting up from the mat and pushing on with the relentlessness of a pit bull. His words are something in between a scream and a song, and if you have the right kind of ears, it’s the kind of song that can break your heart.”
               —Tony O’Neill, author of Down and Out on Murder Mile

“What I admire about David LaBounty’s work is that first and foremost he is interested in telling a good story. Where sometimes others seem more interested in tinkering with style or experimenting with narrative, LaBounty never forgets that the reader comes to the page to be transported in the way that only good fiction can transport.”
               —Jeff Vande Zande, author of Landscape with Fragmented Figures

Charles Dash has everything a young insurance executive rising through the ranks of Midwestern Accident and Life can hope fora beautiful wife, a white Mustang, a townhouse, a tape deck, satin sheets, and contemporary leather furniture. As Dash climbs the corporate ladder, his superiors soon recognize his brutal skill set: denying customer claims with a ruthlessness they had seldom seen. Midwestern rewards Dash with promotions. Banks reward him with credit cards.

Soon Dash finds his spending spiraling out of control. He lives paycheck to paycheck to support his suburban lifestyle of golf on weekends, owning the first SUV in his neighborhood of luxurious McMansions, and a growing penchant for prostitutes. He applies forand banks are more than willing to give himmore credit cards. Ensnared in the vicious cycle of spending, he finally has to remortgage his house, but soon, even that isn't enough.

Broke and desperate, Dash decides to wage a violent one-man war against the credit card companies. His spree of destruction leads him to a financial solvency that comes with a very heavy pricebut it is a price he is more than willing to pay. He will do anything to keep his lifestyle intact.

Affluenza, the third novel by Michigan author David LaBounty, is a scathing critique of credit card culture, a tale of consumerism, vanity, debt, and sexual addiction torn from today's headlines. Relevant to these troubled times, Affluenza is a dire warning to those who choose to spend their way to the American Dream.


by David LaBounty

Publisher: Offense Mechanisms, an imprint of Silverthought Press
148 pages
$9.99 + S/H

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